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Pawsome Promotion:
Coconut Oil For Your Pet
The coconut palm tree is called "tree of life" in the Pacific islands. Its products like coconut milk & cream, coconut water and coconut oil are used by various populations all over the world due to the their nutritious value and beneficial health effects. 

椰子油是饱和脂肪酸,主要包含中链脂肪酸(MCFAs)如月桂酸。通过门静脉,中链脂肪酸和短链脂肪酸被直接吸收进血液循环,输送至肝脏,在那里被转换成能量。因此,椰子油能够迅速为身体提供 [1] “燃料”,提高整体机能,改善肥胖问题[2] ,给体弱高龄的宠物带来更多[3] 能量和活力。
Coconut oil is a saturated fat, which contains mainly medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) such as lauric acid. Medium-chain fatty acids and short-chain fatty acids are directly absorbed into the blood circulation via the portal vain and then send to the liver where they are converted into energy. Hence, coconut oil provides an immediate source of "fuel" for the body and improves overall performance, helps with overweight and makes weak and senior animals feel more energetic and agile.

Benefits of coconut oil
Immune system & digestion
椰子油中含有的月桂酸具有[1] 抗菌、抗病毒和抗真菌功能。它对消化系统十分有益,可防虫,并维持肠道菌群的平衡[2] 。此外,它还能为[3] 身体快速提供[4] 能量,帮助体弱的老年犬猫重拾体力和认知能力。
The lauric acid contained in coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. It benefits the digestive system by preventing it from parasites like worms and protects the intestinal flora from imbalances. Furthermore, it provides fast energy for the body and helps weak and old dogs and cats to gain back their physical strength and cognitive ability.
Skin conditions
椰子油可以改善急性和慢性皮肤问题,确保皮毛健康。它能帮助解决[1] 皮肤问题,如湿疹、跳蚤过敏、皮炎,以及皮疹。亦可减缓瘙痒,促进伤口愈合。此外,它还能防止皮肤干燥,去除异味。
Coconut oil can improve acute and chronic skin problems and protect a healthy skin and coat. It helps to clear up skin issues such as eczema (hot spots), flea allergies, dermatitis and skin rashes. It relieves itchiness and promotes wound healing. In addition, it moisturizes dry skin and deodorizes bad odor.

Parasite repellent
Coconut oil is a proven natural remedy and prevents your pet from skin parasites. Ticks and fleas hate the odor of lauric acid and won‘t find your pet attractive. It is a great alternative repellent. Especially sensitive animals or cats in general can benefit from it because it contains no toxic components such as many essential oils or strong chemical spot-on medication. Therefore, it is completely safe to use on puppies and kittens. 

How to use coconut oil?
为提高宠物的消化和免疫系统,我们建议每5千克体重喂¼茶勺橄榄油,直接加到自制食物[1] 或商品粮中。
For the improvement of your pet’s digestive and immune system, we recommend feeding ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil for every 5 kilo of the animal’s body weight, added to its homemade or commercial diet.
若要解决皮肤问题[1] ,您可直接将椰子油抹到狗狗或猫咪受感染的皮肤上。要缓解慢性皮肤问题,可按照上述方法[2] 涂抹并喂食椰子油,将带来双倍效果。
For skin treatments, you should apply the coconut oil directly to the affected skin spots of your dog or cat. For chronic skin conditions, treating the skin and feeding the oil as indicated above will benefit your pet double.
How to choose good coconut oil?

The quality of coconut oil is very important, as you will want to use a natural and safe product for your pet. For our Pawsome Cakes, we use only 100% organic, virgin coconut oil from gre3n. Imported from Thailand, this oil is processed with absolute no heat (27°C), which makes it more valuable than other “cold-pressed” oils. 




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“Hi, my name is Karolina Weiss and I am Head of Nutrition at Pawsome. My degree in Veterinary Nutrition, a program taught and approved by a professor of veterinary medicine at the LMU University Munich, has provided me with a deep understanding of pets’ alimentary needs to help promote a healthy life-style for all of our furry friends.”

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